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Polymaker PolyLite PC Transparent – 1.75mm – 1kg

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Polymaker PolyLite Clear PC 3D Printer Filament

Key Product Features

  • Excellent strength and heat resistance.
  • Compatible with consumer printers.
  • Good light diffusion characteristics, perfect for printing lampshade or cover.
  • Smell, no warping, no jamming, no mess or layer delamination problems, good bed adhesion, very consistent color and dimensional accuracy, giving you a good printing experience.
  • Carefully wound and dried and vacuum sealed in a resealable ziplock bag with desiccant.

Pressure Settings:
Nozzle: 250°C ~ 270°C.
Bed: 90°C ~ 105°C.
Chamber: 90°C ~ 100°C.
Speed: 30mm/s ~ 50mm/s
Fan: Off;
Bed surface: Magigoo PC or Built Tak.
Drying settings: 75°C for 6 hours.
Glow settings: 90°C for 2 hours.

Note Use a BuildTak surface to hold the pressure and prevent it from warping. Calibration of your printer prior to printing is necessary. It is recommended to use a case when printing. For a large part, it is recommended to use a heated chamber. It is recommended to glow the printed part directly after the printing process to release the residual load.

How many types of PC does Polymaker have?
The answer is 5! PolyLite PC filament provides excellent strength and heat resistance with light diffusing properties; PolyMax PC filament for added temperature resistance and toughness and printability; PolyMax PC-FR filament can slow/stop the spread of fire for flame retardant needs; PC ABS filament for excellent toughness and heat resistance with good surface processing, PC PBT filament for low temperature hardness and chemical resistance. Looking for a strong filament? Choose here!

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